The Challenge: Navigating Staff Conflicts and Dismissals

Managing interpersonal conflicts can be draining, often diverting your focus from business growth to people management. Moreover, the process of dismissing an employee is fraught with challenges. A misstep can lead to hefty penalties and tarnish your company’s reputation.

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Consider this: The average cost of unfair dismissal cases in Australia exceeds $14,000, not including legal fees. (Source: Australian Productivity Commission).

Our Solution: Expert Guidance for Smooth Resolutions

At People Relations, we understand the intricacies of conflict resolution and the delicate nature of ending employment. We’re here to offer professional advice, guide you through the process, or even handle sensitive meetings on your behalf:

Conflict Resolution

Expert strategies to address and resolve workplace conflicts, ensuring a harmonious environment.


Navigate the complexities of workforce reduction with care and compliance.


Handle dismissals professionally, ensuring all legal and ethical standards are met.

Navigate Challenges with Confidence.

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