Why choose People Relations recruitment services?

At People Relations, we believe in empowering businesses to take charge of their recruitment process. We’re here to streamline your hiring, ensuring you find the right fit for your team without the hefty agency fees.

What can we help you with?

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Why choose us?

Our advisers provides a broad menu service that identifies the task requirements in the organization job and designs the with skill requirements for the task We believe in the value that our functions added to a business. Our strategic partners that specialist role for HR is success of a business.

Efficiency & Training

We design a robust recruitment process and train your hiring managers, ensuring you're not overly reliant on expensive recruitment agencies.


With our guidance, you can significantly reduce the time, money, and stress associated with hiring.

Expertise for Small Businesses

We understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses. Often, recruitment can be rushed due to wearing multiple hats, leading to hasty decisions. We're here to ensure that doesn't happen.

A poor hiring decision can cost between 15% to 24% of the employee’s salary. (Based on an independent survey by Robert Half among 300 hiring managers, including 100 CIOs and 100 CFOs).

Find the Right Fit, Without the Fuss

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Our Comprehensive Recruitment Services Include:


Interview Questionnaires

Tailored to extract the most relevant information from potential candidates.

Job Ad Creation & Placement

We ensure your vacancies are advertised on the most suitable channels for your industry.

Resume Screening

Our team meticulously screens applications, ensuring only the best are shortlisted.


From telephone interviews to face-to-face interactions, we handle it all.

Behavioral Interview Design

We craft questions that gauge the true potential and fit of a candidate.

Hiring Manager Training

We coach and train your hiring managers to ensure they're equipped with the best interviewing techniques.

Reference Checks

A crucial step to verify the authenticity and quality of potential hires.

Recruitment Templates, Policy & Procedures

Standardized tools and guidelines to ensure consistency and compliance throughout your hiring process.


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