Pam Costa

Founder & Director

Pam Costa: The Visionary Behind People Relations

With over 15 years of global experience in the HR realm, Pam Costa stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation. Her journey spans multiple industries, from startups to multinational corporations, both in Australia and internationally. Pam's dedication to HR has seen her aid numerous businesses, helping them scale from ground zero to teams of 200 and beyond.


  • Successfully founded and led People Relations, an HR consulting firm dedicated to crafting effective people strategies.
  • Instrumental in revamping the HR template library for the Australian HR Institute (AHRI), enhancing the online experience for its 20,000+ members.
  • Held pivotal roles in renowned organizations such as Ghella S.p.A., Salmat, SalesPond, Valmont Industries APAC, and Accenture.

Skills & Expertise

Pam’s top skills include New Business Development, Sales, and Human Resources. She’s also multilingual, fluent in Spanish and English, with elementary proficiency in French and Portuguese.


Crafting people-centric business blueprints over 15+ years.


Experience spanning continents and industries.


Transforming businesses through people.


At the heart of Pam’s success is her belief that people are the key to unlocking any organization’s potential. This philosophy drives her mission at People Relations: to help businesses create cultures that attract, engage, and retain top talent.

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