The Challenge: Navigating Australia's Complex Workplace Relations

Australia boasts one of the most intricate workplace relations systems globally. With a staggering 122 modern awards, each with its unique classification structure, and thousands of award pay rates, compliance becomes a daunting task. Moreover, the introduction of new tax laws has made non-compliance a risky affair. Businesses found guilty of wage theft can face fines up to $110,000, potential imprisonment, and public naming and shaming by Revenue NSW.

(Quote: NSW Minister for Finance and Small Business Damien Tudehope, April 2021)

Our Solution: Comprehensive Employment Contracts

At People Relations, we prioritize your business’s protection and certainty. Our services ensure that you remain compliant with the Fair Work Act, NES, and any relevant Award or Agreement:

Employment Contract Templates

Catering to various employment types including Full Time, Part Time, Casual, and Fixed Term.

Independent Contractor Agreements

Standardized templates to ensure clarity and compliance.

Modern Awards Guidance

We help identify and apply the awards pertinent to your business.

Stay Compliant, Stay Protected.

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