Beat the Great Resignation

When people feel engaged, they care and do their best to achieve your company goals. Engaged companies grow profits as much as 3 times faster than competitors


Increase your Hiring Success Rate

I frequently have conversations with business owners about a wrong hire experience. The story goes that they realise fairly quickly that they had made a mistake; that it was a wrong decision to offer a job to that new joiner within months or sometimes weeks of them starting to work together.


Changes to casual employment laws

By 27 September 2021, employers (other than small business employers) need to assess whether any existing casual employees (employed before 27 March 2021), are eligible to be offered to convert to permanent employment.


COVID-19 vaccinations: workplace rights and obligations

With Australia’s vaccine rollout continuing and the increasing availability of COVID-19 vaccinations, employers and employees are encouraged to work together to find solutions that suit their individual needs and workplaces. A collaborative approach in the workplace that includes discussing, planning and facilitating COVID-19 vaccinations is an important part of Australia’s vaccine rollout, because having a vaccine is one of the best ways to protect ourselves and our community against COVID-19.